Hippie Dreads forever! On the Linode Server!
Hippie Dreads are Cool! On the New Linode Server

We're looking for hippie girls with dreadlocks in Wellington. 

If that's you, fill in the contact form and send us your name. Or send us a picture of yourself and we'll put it in our gallery. We'd love to hear from you.

We love girls with hippie dreads

Yes we do. Especially on single girls in Wellington, New Zealand.

Girls who like bean sprouts, music, full moon drumming, dancing...


Dreads are wonderful.

Everyone should have dreadlocks.

Let's face it, dreadlocks are cool and eveyrone should have them. There should be a law that says everyone has to have dreadlocks. In North Korea can pass a law that says what kind of haircut people are allowed, then we should to. Dreadlocks for everyone! 

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